New charitable programs aim to provide sustainability

PAYCE lends support to Sydney Street Choir in 2015

The acclaimed Sydney Street Choir today launched a 2015 line up of new charity programs and a refreshed website, along with announcing a new Foundation Partnership with leading Australian property company, PAYCE.

The Choir provides its performers a rare opportunity to engage with the public, share their voice and be mobile. For some, the Choir performances and rehearsals are the only times the performers venture out into the public – providing vital social interaction and opportunities for support.

Currently the choir struggles to accommodate its expenses, with funds coming from fundraising concerts, public donations and the sale of its CDs. With almost no administrative overheads, 98% of the funds received are directed towards the Choir's charitable work in supporting its performers, all of whom are Sydney residents experiencing homelessness or some form of social, health or economic disadvantage in their communities.

PAYCE support the long term sustainability of the choir

Ongoing opportunities for the performers

PAYCE will provide financial and corporate support through the year and work in tandem with the Sydney Street Choir Foundation (SSCF) to develop a business action plan aimed at securing long term sustainability for the choir.

Choir Director, Mr. James Paul comments on the early outcomes for 2015 initiatives

The Sydney Street Choir is led by Choir Director, James Paul, well known for his work with youth and disadvantaged groups around Sydney.

Mr. Paul commented on some of the initial outcomes of the Sydney Street Choir Foundation and PAYCE workshops.

`The Sydney Street Choir is capitalising on the collaborative partnership with PAYCE to launch a number of initiatives and expand on some of the exciting work the Sydney Street Choir is involved in.` Mr Paul stated.

"From working more closely with the corporate sector to increase corporate performances, to initiating a program for corporate singing workshops and new opportunities for greater corporate sponsorship, we will be focused in 2015 on opening channels for long term support from Sydney's business community." Mr Paul explained.

"On an individual level, the Sydney Street Choir will also be launching a 'Friends of Sydney Street Choir' membership. With membership costing the same as one cup of coffee a month, the program allows everyday individuals to easily give to this worthwhile program, helping empower and enrich the lives of those in need of the social and emotional benefits the Choir provides." Mr Paul continued.

"The Sydney Street Choir will also be looking to expand the school performance program it had initiated in recent years. The Sydney Street Choir school program has proven to deliver significant results by helping to enlighten school children on the plight of some of the less fortunate people in our community and the merits of giving and compassion. We would like to see the program expanded across Sydney schools." Mr Paul stated.

PAYCE MD Brian Boyd proud to announce details of 2015 development initiatives.

Managing Director of PAYCE, Brian Boyd said his company first became involved with the choir when they performed at last year's Lights of Christmas presented by PAYCE event in the city.

"Their performances were uplifting and touched everyone who saw them perform. This led to discussions with the Foundation about the choir's future and how PAYCE might contribute to its ongoing success," Brian Boyd said.

"Under our partnering arrangement, PAYCE will collaborate with the Foundation and has committed $10,000 to develop and implement a number of initiatives, starting with a business plan and a refreshed website," Brian Boyd stated.

"Already over the last two months of collaborative planning we have been able to develop multiple strategies to help generate a healthy revenue base in order to give the choir financial stability in the years ahead as well as greater public exposure." Mr Boyd continued.

PAYCE'S Brian Boyd and Dominic Sullivan look forward to assisting the Sydney Street Choir

Brian Boyd said it was a privilege and honour to be invited to work with the choir and its Foundation to assist them in achieving their goals. "The choir is made up of a very passionate group of people who derive tremendous enjoyment from singing, and who put their hearts and souls into every performance," he said.

PAYCE's General Manager, Dominic Sullivan said the Choir was tangible proof of how people's lives can change in a positive way through the power of song and the support of the community.

"PAYCE has come on-board to help build on the Sydney Street Choir's successes to date so that more people will have the pleasure of hearing this wonderful choir sharing the love and joy of singing together," Dominic Sullivan said.

PAYCE'S commitment to the Sydney Street Choir applauded by Choir Director

According to Choir Director James Paul, PAYCE brings to the table many years of experience in the corporate world as a highly successful company.

"We are thrilled to be working with PAYCE and its team and we are especially indebted to Brian Boyd and Dominic Sullivan for their support. Their corporate knowledge and contacts in the business world will be invaluable and it opens up some wonderful opportunities to bring the choir's work to a wider audience," Mr Paul said.

"I applaud PAYCE for its commitment to make a difference to the lives of people who are less fortunate than most of the community," Mr Paul continued.

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