Dominic Sullivan

  • Sydney, NSW, Australia

Dominic Sullivan Community Interests and Projects

Dominic Sullivan`s long standing interest in supporting community is widely acknowledged in various charitable organisations throughout Sydney and Brisbane.

Dominic Sullivan believes in Social Equity and that, "it`s important to give back to the community, particularly from big business and corporate quarters, through charities that directly help the underprivileged, sick and poor in our Community,".

Coming from a background of Law and Public Office, Mr Sullivan has acquired an extensive experience in property development, approvals and transactions particularly in the areas of residential, retail and childcare.

Dominic Sullivan and the community

Mr Sullivan`s interest in Community is widely recognised as one of long standing by a number of community based groups in and around Sydney and Brisbane.

As a property developer, Mr Sullivan nurtured an interest in the attributes of lifestyle that contribute to durable communities.

With a passion to understand, what it takes to develop successful communities that enrich the lives of the people that make up the community, Mr Sullivan has an interest in the lifestyles, the social circumstances required to allow people to grow and reach their full potential.

Consequently, Mr Sullivan as a vital part of the PAYCE organisation has been contributing financial support and assisting communities throughout Sydney for a number of years.

Dominic Sullivan supports Community Initiatives

The list of community based groups that have received support over the years is somewhat extensive, and includes such notables as ...

Various Local Community Groups and Government Housing, Family and Community Services organisations.
Mr Sullivan has been extensively engaged in the discussion with local communities and various Government housing, family and community organisations that brought into being the Riverwood urban renewal project.
The Salvation Army.

Dominic Sullivan has supervised support for the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal over a number of years in both Queensland and National campaigns.

Mr Sullivan stated that the policy at PAYCE is to work alongside respected not-for-profit organisations and groups in supporting the good services and assistance being delivered across communities and for many years, PAYCE help provide support to those in our society who are disadvantaged by circumstances, affirming that PAYCE is firmly committed to Social Equity.

The Surf Lifesaving Association of Australia.
Dominic Sullivan also contributes regular support to the Surf Lifesaving Association of Australia and affiliated Surf Lifesaving Clubs in their fundraising endeavours. Mr Sullivan added congratulations to the contribution and was grateful of the support and enthusiasm of all those involved in Cronulla Shark Island Swim and the Sutherland-2-Surf fun run and swim events.
Police Citizens Youth Club.
Support for the PCYC National Youth Week, in association with a number of community organisations.
Various Schools and High Schools.
Funding and support for learning programs and equipment to promote learning initiatives and challenges undertaken by the students. Mr Sullivan was on hand for the contribution in a general assembly and praised the schools and students.
The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, the Australian Catholic University and The Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria.

Dominic Sullivan worked with The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, the Australian Catholic University and The Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria to bring The Lights of Christmas to Sydney, which was displayed in projection onto the face of St Mary`s Cathedral to increasing crowds of onlookers in Sydney at Christmas.

Mr Sullivan was on hand to make the announcements at a gathering of charities as well as community representatives, of the beneficiaries of the charitable donation of funds derived from the sale of christmas cards. Mr Sullivan stated that it was an honour to be associated with charities that do such fine work in the community. Mr Sullivan was also seen to be contributing to the Carols by Candlelight hosted by the Gymea Baptist Church.

Community Health Initiatives.
Taking place in the Sutherland Shire under the direction of notable Australian Olympic Athletes, and providing the community with free health and exercise programs. Dominic Sullivan thanked the local council for their cooperation, for without the support and funding from corporate businesses such as PAYCE and the cooperation of local councils, it would not be possible to maintain local health and fitness initiatives totally free of charge.
Homeless support organisations, Physical and Intellectually disadvantaged support groups.

Mr Sullivan supports a number of Charities and organisations working with the Homeless and Disadvantaged Australians.

The Windgap Foundation assist with Youth Employment programs for the Intellectually Disabled. Dominic Sullivan offers support to the Windgap Foundation and contributes to their Annual fundraising ball.

Sydney Street Choir

Sydney Street Choir is a singing community that support the homeless and disadvantaged through the unifying power of song and musical therapy. The Sydney Street Choir promotes social skills, independence and self- management, including the management of their own finances, transportation, housing and health issues.

Mr Dominic Sullivan is widely acknowledged as a key member of the corporate and business sectors who actively takes an active part in community programs on behalf of PAYCE.

It is Mr Sullivan`s feeling that business and corporate sponsorship should and could play a more active role in supporting the communities that support them.

    Events Mr Dominic Sullivan has been associated with ...
  • Cronulla Shark Island Swim - takes place annually at Cronulla point beach hosted by the Cronulla Surf Lifesaving Club.
  • Time 4 Kids and the Youth Leadership Awards - Police and Citizens Youth Club programs.
  • Salvation Army - Red Shield Appeal, Ipswich, Townsville and Brisbane QLD and the National Red Shield Appeal.
  • Sutherland2Surf Street Challenge Fun Run and Walk - hosted by the Wanda Surf Life Saving Club.
  • Quakers Hill Public School - Innovative e-Learning program.
  • The IMB Cook Community Classic - Surf Carnival at Cronulla Beach, Cronulla Park in association with the Cook Shire Council.
  • Carols By Candlelight - hosted by the Gymea Baptist Church.
  • The Lights of Christmas - hosted by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.
  • F1 in Schools Challenge - Engadine High School.
  • Live Life and Get Active - Healthy Lifestyle Sessions hosted by the Sutherland Shire featuring Jane Flemming (Australian Olympian Track and Field athlete).
  • Australia Day Celebrations - hosted by Canterbury City Council.
  • Supercar - F1 in Schools Challenge - workshop hosted by Wilson Security GRM(Garry Rogers motorsport).
  • Chinese New Lunar Year Celebrations - hosted at East Village Commercial Retail and Residential Complex.
  • Riverwood Autumn fair - formerly Riverwood Children`s Festival - hosted by Riverwood community Centre.
  • Kirrawee Public School - 65th Anniversary fundraiser.
  • Windgap Annual Fundraiser Ball.
  • Sydney Street Choir - hosting events all around Sydney